Amazon Prime UK Vs Amazon Prime US: 30days Free Trial Review

Amazon Prime Membership Program is one that troubled my mind for a while. I was torn between Amazon Mom, Amazon Family, Amazon Student and whether Amazon Prime was really worth it. Well here I am a year later and this is my honest review.

Compared in this article is Amazon UK vs Amazon US  Prime Membership Program

In this article I will address the following burning issues that go to our minds before  opting to sign up for Amazon Prime.  If you want to jump to the various sections, use the table of contents below:

How to use Amazon Prime


So let us get started;


What is Amazon Prime?


So what is Amazon Prime anyway? I asked myself this question one year ago when I visited and found a sign up banner advertising Amazon Prime.  You might also probably be asking yourself the same question.

Before I define the ‘what Amazon Prime is’. Here is the definition from site.

Amazon Prime is a membership programme that gives you and your family fast and unlimited One-Day delivery for eligible purchases for an annual membership fee of GBP 79.00 (source:

This definition is not different from site that also defines Amazon Prime as a membership program that gives one 2 days free delivery for eligible purchases after paying an annual membership fee of 99 dollars.

As you can see from these 2 definitions, there are two terms that need to be understood ‘unlimited one day UK or 2 day US delivery’ and ‘eligible purchases’.

By unlimited delivery, Amazon implies that as Amazon Prime Member you can order as many items as you like, even a whole tonne of goods and yet get them delivered within one day for UK and or 2 days for  US.

If you are not an Amazon Prime Member expect many more days. I used to order books from and for them to reach me used to take between 7 to 10 days. It might be less or more than this depending on availability of the items but with Amazon Prime your one day UK  to 2 day US  delivery is  guaranteed.

In case your goods take more than one or two days to be delivered; if you are an Amazon Prime member, do not hesitate to call customer care.

The customer care team will not only track your purchase but will also either give you a 5-10 dollar gift card for your troubles or extend your Amazon prime free trial prime membership for one month FREE. For those who are paid members, your free extra membership can be extended 12 times in a year.That means that if Amazon Prime falls short on their promise of delivering within two days, you can receive 12 months free membership.

As for those on the student Amazon prime, if your parcel is delayed, your membership can only be extended for one month. The same applies if you are on Amazon prime free trial. Whenever your order is delayed, your free trial will be extended for only one extra month.

Another terminology used in Amazon Prime definition  is ‘eligible purchases’.  When you visit  most Amazon product pages you find that some products are marked Prime while others are not; It is only those product marked prime that are eligible ( they qualify for one day UK  delivery and 2 days for US  free delivery).

In case you end up buying products that are not marked prime on an Amazon product page or checkout; you will be charged the designated product fee because such products are not eligible for prime benefits.

However, having said this, most items sold by Amazon are eligible for free delivery (one day in the UK and 2 days in the US). It is only goods sold by third party sellers and other items that are incredibly too heavy or that need special attention that are not eligible for Amazon Prime delivery.

In a nutshell, Amazon Prime is a membership plan that gives you and your family access to unlimited one day free delivery in the UK and 2days in the US.

But wait; there are other features of Amazon Prime apart from one day UK and 2 day US free delivery. These features include: Premier Kindle Book Borrowing Service, Free instant access to Amazon Prime videos/ movies and ability to share Amazon Prime shipping benefits to 4 of your family members or co-workers.

Here is an overview of each feature.

Premier Kindle Book Borrowing Service.

Access to free premier Kindle Book Borrowing Service is available to Kindle Device Owners. While Amazon Prime UK members have access to over 500,000 books; those in USA however, have access to only 300,000 books. On the other hand Both UK and USA prime members have the privilege to loan kindle books with no due dates. These include Amazon’s most sold books and popular books like, for example, the Harry Potter series.

Another Amazon Prime feature is Amazon Prime Videos

Amazon Prime Videos Instant Free Access

The Amazon Prime Video feature is one that has for a long time been desired by many people in UK. The good news is that now Amazon has added video streaming to the UK prime membership package. Now when you sign up for free UK prime membership plan; you will be given access to over 15,000 instant videos and movies.

For those in US however, free access to Amazon videos and movies is nothing new, it has been there since the launch of Amazon Prime way back in 2005. US Residents have access to over 40, 000 streamed videos and movies.

One thing thing to note especially for one residing in  UK is that has 2 separate sign up options.

You can either signup for Amazon Prime Trial where you will be given access to both free one day delivery of goods  and Amazon instant videos;  or you can just decide to sign up for only Amazon Prime instant videos.

Amazon Prime videos will give you access to over 15,000 streamed videos and movies only but no free delivery or access to kindle lending library.

Another Amazon Prime feature is ability to share Amazon Prime benefits.

Share Amazon Prime Benefits Feature

You Can Share your Amazon Prime one day (UK), 2 day (US) Shipping Benefits only with up to 4 Family Members or 4 Co-Workers. However you cannot share videos, movies nor kindle library lending services.

The privilege of sharing one’s Amazon Prime benefits is available to both free and paid Amazon Prime Members who have signed under the regular Amazon Prime Membership Plan in addition to those who sign up to Amazon Prime as small business subscribers.

However, those who signed up for either Amazon Prime Mom (3 month free trial) or Amazon Prime Student (6 months free trial) are not entitled to share their benefits; probably due to the prolonged free trial period.

If you qualify as pointed above indicating that you signed up for the regular Amazon Prime Membership whether free or paid then you are allowed to share your prime membership to up to four family members living in the same household.

The only benefit to those who are sharing Amazon prime is the guaranteed  free shipping benefits. However other perks like having access to 300,000 strong Kindle book libraries and over 40,000 free video/TV streaming that comes with the Amazon prime package are not available to invited guests.

 To start sharing your Amazon Prime shipping benefits, simply login into your Amazon Prime account, head over to “manage prime membership” and click “invite a household member” and fill in the required information.

Once finished filling in the required information, the invited member will receive invitation from Amazon asking them about  date of birth details of the person who referred them.

You therefore need to give your family members or the people you want to share your Amazon Prime membership this info in advance because without this information, they would not be approved by Amazon.

If in future you decide to remove one of the four invited members or all of them, from your Amazon Prime Membership, just “select the bullet next to their names and then click remove” and you are done.

Sharing benefits with family members is helpful because you can then spread the 79 pounds or 99 dollars it costs to sign up for Amazon Prime across at least four people. If you are to share the cost evenly among four people, then the Amazon Prime membership may be drastically reduced to less than 20 dollars a year.

By the way you can also share with friends/ neighbours living on the same flat as far as they accept to be part of your family and as far as you are sharing the same address. Here invited members will still use their own accounts to buy Amazon stuff but receive free two day shipping benefits.

Now that you know what Amazon Prime is you might be asking yourself ‘what does Amazon Prime Cost?’

Amazon Prime Cost

Amazon Prime costs 79 pounds a year for UK  and for US it is 99 dollars which is more or less the same basing on the exchange rate between a pound and a dollar.

However you can get Amazon prime membership for free when you sign up for a free trial. Amazon Prime trial gives one free 30 days access to all features discussed above so far: free unlimited shipping of goods, free access to kindle library, ability to share benefits with family members and instant access to streaming movies and videos for free.

Amazon UK vs Amazon US  Sign up page

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Is Amazon Prime Worth It?

Is Amazon Prime Worth It? Whether Amazon Prime is Worth It or not becomes clear when you examine Amazon Prime basing on the following aspects:

The time you will save on numerous trips to the shopping mall, the convenience of buying most of your shopping online without worrying about shipping/postage fee and the amount of discounts you receive as an Amazon prime member.

The level of benefit however will depend on one’s shopping pattern and frequency.

The key benefit of Amazon prime membership is the guaranteed “free” one day (UK), two day (US) shipping of any product you buy marked Prime on the Amazon online shop. This means that you can buy an item that costs as little as 3 dollars and you are guaranteed of the item being shipped to your address in one (UK), two days(USA). In the US, it is not uncommon for the delivery to arrive the next day.

The reverse is also true, you can shop a lorry full of items from Amazon, so long as they qualify (they are marked available for prime members), and you will get your full lorry of goods delivered in just two days (US) and one day (UK).

This is the power of Amazon prime. Imagine how much you can save if you bought for example a sofa set or king sized bed. Ordinarily, it would cost you some money to ship such big awkward shaped items, which may even outstrip what Amazon prime costs you (79 pounds (UK), 99 dollars (USA)).

Convenience and ease of shopping is another major benefit you get from Amazon Prime. Amazon has a feature called subscribe and save where you can literary speaking subscribe your shopping. With subscribe and save you can schedule your monthly essential shopping.

Things like toilet paper, tooth paste, soap, shampoo and the like will never miss because you can automate their delivery at a schedule that suits your life style. Did I mention that those who use subscribe and save get a 5% discount on their shopping? Yes you get discount for your essential shopping.

Of course as an Amazon Prime user you do not incur any extra shipping cost. Your shopping will arrive at your address in one day (UK), two days (USA) pronto.  There is nothing as handy as ordering an essential item like toothpaste a few days before it runs out from the comfort of your home with the assurance  that the item will arrive in two days (before you run out).

If you shop online frequently, then indeed Amazon prime was designed for you. This is the case because Amazon products tend to be relatively cheaper that other shops. If you shop at least 10 times a year, then you will save a lot of money on shipping by becoming an Amazon prime member

Amazon also run deals that complement Amazon prime, for example Amazon Prime Mom (US), Amazon Prime Family (UK) which offers moms 20% discounts on baby items like nappies. There are also occasional discounts in Amazon of relatively cheap items which do not have “shipping” included in the discount, in such situations, if you do not have free shipping then such discounts become meaningless because the additional shipping cost will push the price up.

This means that as an Amazon member you will get a number of discounts which if added together can be more than the prime membership fees. Amazon also has very compelling deals during festive seasons like Easter, Christmas which can be worth it if you have free shipping.

All these benefits generally save you money especially on the common invisible costs one normally incurs in the traditional stone and mortar shopping. For example you will save on car fuel and car parking charge when going shopping. Amazon prime also saves you time you would have otherwise used going shopping because you are able to shop at the click of the mouse on your laptop.

How do I sign up for Amazon Prime Trial Membership?

Here is the Amazon Prime UK Signup page and Amazon Prime US signup page.

Amazon UK vs Amazon US  Sign up page

You can sign up for Amazon Prime free trial through either or site.

I am in UK but ended up signing up with Amazon USA a year ago. At that time I didn’t know that there was an Amazon UK. I really wanted to watch many videos and movies at that time of the year and I remember seeing myself excited on the whole idea of starting streaming thousands of videos and movies for free.

However, my joy was cut when I realized that when I tried to access the movies, they were not accessible as it was for USA residents only. I visited some sites and people seemed also not to be happy and were even trying to figure out how they can change the IP address and the like to make them access the Amazon instant free movies and videos.

But for those who are going to signup today; it is a golden opportunity to you.

Probably it is a good idea to sign up with Amazon UK if you are in UK and vice versa to reduce chances of not being able to accessed free videos and movies.

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 Is Amazon Prime Trial really free?

Yes Amazon Prime  trial is real free. Once you sign up for Amazon Prime free trial, though Amazon takes your credit card details, you will not be charged at this point. It is until 30 days are over and you have not cancelled your membership plan that is when you will be charged.

Therefore it is a good idea to make sure that immediately after signing up for free trial; then go directly and cancel it. The good things about this is that despite cancelling it you will still be able to access all 30 days free trial benefits. And in case you decide to continue with the Amazon Prime membership plan; you can always at any time click continue.

Amazon UK vs Amazon US  Sign up page

After your Amazon prime trial has ended, do you have the option to continue/cancel?

At the end of the 30 days free period, a charge of 79 pounds or 99 dollars will be taken from your account. This is the cost of signing up for Amazon Prime Membership for a whole year.

However, if for some reason you are dissatisfied with the service, you can cancel before the end of the trial period without being charged any money at all.

How to get Amazon Prime Trial again?

If at the end of the trial period, you chose to cancel your participation in the Amazon prime offer and then later decide to rejoin, you won’t have access to the trial period. For you to enjoy the advantages of Amazon prime, you will be asked to pay the 79 pounds  or 99 dollars for annual cost for becoming a paid member UK or US respectively.


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  How to Cancel Amazon Prime UK? Here is How to Cancel Amazon Prime

So how to cancel Amazon Prime UK? If you are looking for answers to these questions: how to Cancel Amazon Prime UK, how to cancel Amazon Prime Trial UK, Amazon Prime Cancellation. Then continue reading to the end.

For US residents Check  how to cancel Amazon Prime US below.

Once you enroll for Amazon Prime UK, there is a 30 day trial period.

At the end of 30 days Amazon Prime UK trial your membership will renew automatically for another year if you are a paid member. Free members will also be upgraded automatically to paid membership at an annual fee of £79 unless you notify Amazon UK before renewal.

However, if you cancel Amazon Prime at any time before the renewal date or end of the Amazon Prime (Trial) you will not be charged. If you are unhappy with Amazon Prime UK for whatever reason, then it is important to cancel before the end of the trial period.

To cancel Amazon Prime membership, just do the following:

  • Go to ‘Manage Prime Membership’ and click cancel membership if you are a paid member. You will be entitled a refund in-case you and your invited guest have not made any eligible purchase.
  • The same applies to Amazon Prime UK free members.  To cancel Amazon Free Trial just go to ‘Manage Prime Membership’ and instead of clicking cancel membership, click ‘Do not upgrade’.

The Great thing about being a free member is that despite cancelling Amazon prime; you will continue receiving delivery benefits for free until the end of the free trial.  In case you are happy with  Amazon Prime UK and want to continue membership, just go back to ‘Manage Prime Membership’ and click ‘Continue Membership’.

Be sure to cancel before expiry of the trial period if you are unhappy to avoid any awkward arguments regarding refund.

Amazon Prime UK is convenient and a good way to save money on shipping especially if you frequently buy from Amazon. It is great that Amazon Prime UK has a 30 day trial period, to give you enough grace period to ‘test drive’ their service. Make sure to mark the day you join in a calendar somewhere so that you don’t forget to cancel.

You don’t want to be charged for a service you don’t like or start back and forth email conversations trying to get a refund. Cancelling should be easy and simple.

Amazon Prime vs Netflix

That is how to cancel Amazon Prime UK.

Amazon UK vs Amazon US  Sign up page

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 How to Cancel Amazon Prime US? 3 Easy Steps to Cancelling Prime US

If you are looking for answers to these questions: how to Cancel Amazon Prime, how to cancel Amazon Prime Trial, Amazon Prime Cancellation. Then continue reading this article to the end.

The good thing about Amazon Prime   is that you can cancel it at any time. This article below shows you how to do it, depending on the category you signed up with: “free” or paid member.

Category one: Amazon Prime Trial Member. Can I cancel Amazon Prime Trial?

Yes you can!

  • Login into your account
  • After login, see a menu bar located on the top right hand corner of the page, click your account and then on the drop down menu hit your account again.
  • After you have clicked your account, a new page opens.Scroll down that page to the settings area, account settings. On the account settings drop down, click manage Prime Membership.This will take you to the Amazon Prime Membership page. On the left hand corner, you can cancel your Amazon Prime Trial.By clicking on the link do not continue.

Remember: if you do not cancel Amazon prime trial, you will automatically be upgraded to a paid membership plan that costs $99 a year at the end of your trial period. Bear in mind also that one is still entitled to all the Amazon Prime Trial “free” benefits until expiry of the trial period.

If after signing up you decide that Amazon Prime is a good fit for you and would like to become a paid subscriber,

You can always hit the continue membership link and bang, Amazon prime yearly plan here we come!

Category two: Amazon Prime Paid Member. Can I cancel Amazon Prime?

Yes you can, anytime, anywhere

  • Login into your account.On the menu bar located in the top right hand corner of the page, click  account setting.Then,
  • Click Manage Prime Membership followed by edit membership then End membership. You will be prompted by a message saying are you sure you want to end your membership? By ending your membership; You will lose access to Amazon prime benefits. The trouble of cancelling in this manner is that Amazon may not be able to offer you a “free” trial or other introductory promotions in the future. Click do not continue;
  • You will be taken back to your account and on your left hand sidebar there will be a message showing the date you registered for Amazon Prime and the date your trial period will end and an option to continue membership.

Note: If you have already paid but have not placed an Amazon Prime eligible order; you are entitled for a refund. Call the customer service, ask for your money back; they will refund you.

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How to Use Amazon Prime: Use Amazon Prime to Semi-automate.

Here is how I would sum up how to use Amazon Prime trial; this also morphs into the benefits of Amazon Prime membership.

Purchase daily household items

With Amazon Prime you can purchase daily household items like tissue paper that cost less that 25 $ with the guarantee that you will receive your order within two days. This guarantee is covered by law.

Semi-automate” your shopping/subscribe and save

Due to the shipment guarantee, you can “semi-automate” your shopping through the Amazon subscribe and save plan. You can buy household essentials like toothpaste, shampoo, and canned/packed food, nappies if you have kids and several other items at Amazon for very competitive prices.

By semi-automating I mean you can institute a shopping rolling plan such that Amazon expressly delivers your shopping on a set schedule convenient to you. For instance you can set your house essentials shopping to be shipped to you after every 30 days. With this option, Amazon will dispatch your shopping to your address.

Why I say semi-automate is because you have to occasionally double check the price you are getting your supplies for so that you don’t overpay. Double check so that you know that you are getting your order for the most affordable price possible.

As standard practice, Amazon will send you an email notifying you of your order before your delivery.

Even though Amazon will contact you before your subscribe and save order is shipped to allow you enough time to make any amends to your order, it is wise to review your order through some online price comparison site or by performing a rudimentary survey to check prices.

For example, you can have an occasional visit to the nearest Wal-Mart /Target/Hardware store/JC Penny/Best buys (supermarket) to window shop and check prices.

The reason you want to re-check your order is because sometimes prices go up and you have to keep an eye on this because Amazon does not guarantee that prices will remain the same in the lifespan of your subscribe and save plan.

The only problem with subscribe and save is that sometimes, the items you get hooked to could be unavailable in store and so you have to look up for their replacement.

However this is a small hitch compared to the convenience of having your shopping taken care of. With subscribe and save you get some 5% percent discount on your purchase, this is cool because as the saying goes, every little helps.

Avoid invisible expenses with the guaranteed Amazon Prime two day delivery

Shopping in brick and mortar stores is not only more expensive but also has invisible expenses attached to it: you have to drive there, pay for parking and in some cases the prices may be slightly higher than those in online shops because the human resource cost is extremely cut down with online stores and I suppose these savings are passed on to customers in form of lower prices.

With the guaranteed Amazon Prime two day delivery, you will save on gas that you could have used to drive to the grocery store. When you add the 2-3 dollars it normally costs to drive to the supermarket and back every week, the Prime membership fee is more than a bargain.

This is without even factoring in the time you save shopping especially if brick and mortar shopping or trips to the grocery store are not your kind of thing. In case you are struggling to see the point of Amazon Prime, just look at it as membership to Costos.

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Amazon Prime Refund

Amazon Prime Refund takes place only if you have already paid or been charged but have not placed an Amazon Prime eligible order that led Amazon to charge and upgrade you to a paid member; you can ask for refund as far as you and your invited guest have not placed any eligible order at the end of the  trial period.

Call the customer service, ask for your money back; they will refund you.

Amazon UK vs Amazon US  Sign up page

That is it about Amazon Prime . Hope I have cleared up all your question. If not please; leave me a comment below and I will get back to you.

PS: Feel free also  to share this blog post on ‘Amazon Prime Trial’ with friends by clicking one or two of the social sharing icons located on you left hand side.


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