Amazon Prime Trial UK Vs Amazon Prime US: 30days Free Trial Review

The issue of Amazon Prime  is one that troubled my mind for a while. I was torn between Amazon Prime free trial Mom, Amazon Prime family, Amazon Prime Student and whether Amazon prime was really worthy of my money. Well here I am a year later and this is my honest review.

Compared in this article is Amazon UK vs Amazon US  Prime Trial

In this article I will address the following burning issues that go to our minds before  opting to sign up for Amazon Prime. In this blog post I will focus only on Amazon Prime trial, 30 days free trial. However, if you want to read about Amazon Prime Trial in general you might be interest to read my other article regarding it. Here are the topics discussed herein.

  • What is Amazon Prime Trial?
  • How do I sign up for Amazon Prime trial membership?
  • Is Amazon Prime trial really free?
  • Amazon Prime  Cost
  • How to get Amazon prime trial again?
  • Is Amazon Prime Worth It?

So, let us get started.

What is Amazon Prime?

Amazon Prime Trial is a 30 days grace period given existing and new Amazon site members when you sign up with Amazon Prime.  This membership plans gives one access and test drive the following features that full paid Amazon Prime members access  and see if it worth for them also to become a full paid member. These are the features:

Free and Guaranteed One to Two day Shipping Benefits

Both Amazon Prime UK and USA Members are given express accesses to unlimited order free delivery of eligible good purchased in Amazon page.

Goods that qualify for this offer are marked ‘Prime’ on the sales page and on the payment page.

In situations where goods ordered are not available in store at time of purchase remember to check the cut-off time shown on the detail page for the them to be delivered on the next business day.

In addition to this whenever only a portion of your purchase qualify for the free Amazon prime delivery you have to incur applicable charges for the goods that are ineligible for free delivery.

The only difference between UK and USA in terms of free delivery is that: while Amazon Prime UK Members are being promised one day free delivery; those in USA are promised 2 days free delivery of goods.

Free access to premier Kindle Book Borrowing Service

Access to premier Kindle Book Borrowing Service for free is available to Kindle Device Owners.

While UK prime members have access to over 500,000 books; those in USA however, have access to only 300,000 books.

Both UK and USA prime trial members have access to loan kindle books including Amazon most sold book and other popular books like the Harry Potter series with no due dates.

Amazon Prime Instant Videos

Recently has added Amazon Prime instant videos feature to Amazon prime UK members. It is something which was desired by many. Now when you sign up for free membership plan; you will be given access to over 15,000 instant videos and movies.

For those in USA however, free access to Amazon instant videos and movies have been there since then when Amazon Prime was launched back in 2005. USA Residents have access to stream over 40, 000 videos and movies.

Another thing to note especially for one in UK is that has separated 2 sign up options. You can either signup for Amazon Prime Trial where you will be given access to both free one day delivery of goods  and Amazon instant videos or you just decide to sign up for only Amazon prime instant videos. Amazon instant videos will give you access to stream over 15,000 videos and movies only but no free delivery or access to kindle lending library.

Share Amazon Prime Trial Benefits Feature

Both UK and USA Amazon Prime trial members are allowed to invite and share Prime benefits with up to four family members living in the same address with you.

If you are a business person owner you are allowed to share shipping benefits with up to 4 co-workers.

How do I sign up for Amazon Prime trial membership?


You can sign up for Amazon prime free trial through either or  site.

I am in UK but ended up signing up with Amazon USA a year ago. At that time didn’t know that there is Amazon UK. I really wanted to watch many videos and movies at that time of the year and I remember seeing myself excited on the whole idea of starting streaming thousands of videos for free.

However, my joy was cut when I realized that when I tried to access the movies, they were not accessible as it was for USA residents only. I visited some sites and people seemed also not to be happy and were even trying to figure out how they can change the IP address and the like to make them access the Amazon instant free movies and videos.

But for those who are going to signup today; it is a golden opportunity to them.

Probably it is a good idea to sign up with Amazon UK if you are in UK n advice versa to reduce chances of not being able to accessed free videos and movies.

 Is Amazon Prime trial really free?

Once you sign up for Amazon prime free trial, though Amazon takes your credit card details, you will not be charged at this point. It is until 30 day is over and you have not cancelled your membership plan that is when you will be charged.

Therefore it is a good idea to make sure that immediately after signing up for free trial; then go directly and cancel it. The good things about this is that despite cancelling it you will still be able to access all 30 days free trial benefits. And in case you decide to continue with the Amazon Prime membership plan; you can always at any time click continue.

Amazon Prime Cost per Year UK vs. USA

In case you decide to continue with Amazon Prime yearly membership plan; you will be charged 79 pounds for those in UK and 99 dollars for those in USA.  At the signup with them the cost was 49 pounds in UK and 79 dollars in USA. Things have changed however and 79 pounds UK and 99 dollars per year is a new cost.

After your Amazon prime trial has ended, do you have the option to continue/cancel?

At the end of the 30 days free period, a charge of 79 pounds or 99 dollars will be taken from your account. This is the cost of signing up for Amazon Prime Membership for a whole year.

However, if for some reason you are dissatisfied with the service, you can cancel before the end of the trial period without being charged any money at all. This means you can receive free 2 day guaranteed delivery, stream free videos and other perks available to paid members free of charge if you chose to cancel Amazon prime at the end of your trial period, no questions asked.


How to get Amazon prime trial again?

If at the end of the trial period, you chose to cancel your participation in the Amazon prime offer and then later decide to rejoin, you won’t have access to the trial period. For you to enjoy the advantages of Amazon prime, you will be asked to pay the 79 pounds in UK or 99 dollars USA annual cost for becoming a paid member.


Is Amazon Prime Worth It?

Is Amazon Prime Worth It? Whether Amazon Prime is Worth It or not becomes clear when you examine Amazon Prime basing on the following aspects:

The time you will save on numerous trips to the shopping mall, the convenience of buying most of your shopping online without worrying about shipping/postage fee and the amount of discounts you receive as an Amazon prime member.

The level of benefit however will depend on one’s shopping pattern and frequency.

The key benefit of Amazon prime membership is guaranteed “free” one day (UK), two day (US) shipping of any product you buy marked Prime on the Amazon online shop. This means that you can buy an item that costs as little as 3 dollars and you are guaranteed of the item being shipped to your address in one (UK), two days(USA). In some cases the delivery arrives the next day.

The reverse is also true, you can shop a lorry full of items from Amazon, so long as they qualify (they are marked available for prime members), and you will get your full lorry of goods delivered in just two days.

This is the power of Amazon prime. Imagine how much you can save if you bought for example a sofa set or king sized bed, ordinarily, it would cost you some money to ship such big awkward shaped items, which may even outstrip what Amazon prime costs you (79 pounds (UK), 99 dollars(USA)).

Convenience and ease of shopping is another major benefit you get from Amazon Prime. Amazon have a feature called subscribe and save where you can literary speaking subscribe your shopping. With subscribe and save you can schedule your monthly essential shopping.

Things like toilet paper, tooth paste soap, shampoo and the like will never miss because you can automate their delivery at a schedule that suits your life style. Did I mention that those who use subscribe and save get a 5% discount on their shopping? Yes you get discount for your essential shopping.

Of course as an Amazon Prime user you do not incur any extra shipping cost. Your shopping will arrive at your address in one day (UK), two days (USA) pronto.  There is nothing as handy as ordering an essential item like toothpaste a few days before it runs out from the comfort of your home with the assurance  that the item will arrive in two days (before you run out).

If you shop online frequently, then indeed Amazon prime was designed for you. This is the case because Amazon products tend to be relatively cheaper that other shops. If you shop at least 10 times a year, then you will save a lot of money on shipping by becoming an Amazon prime member

Amazon also run deals that complement Amazon prime, for example Amazon Prime Mom (US), Amazon Prime Family (UK) which offers moms 20% discounts on baby items like nappies. There are occasional discounts of relatively cheap items which do not have “shipping” included in the discount, if you do not have free shipping then such discounts become meaningless because the additional shipping cost will push the price up.

This means that as an Amazon member you will get a number of discounts which if added together can be more the prime membership fees. Amazon also has very compelling deals during festive seasons like Easter, Christmas which can be worth it if you have free shipping.

All these benefits generally save you money on the common invisible costs one normally incurs in the traditional stone and mortar shopping. For example you will save on car fuel and car parking charge when going shopping. Amazon prime also saves you time you would have otherwise used going shopping because you are able to shop at the click of the mouse on your laptop.

Amazon UK vs Amazon US  Sign up page


That is it about Amazon Prime Trial . Hope I have cleared up  all your question. If not please; leave me a comment below and  I will get back to you.

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